1. Appraiser

    The County Appraiser's Office is responsible for discovering, assessing, listing and valuing all property within Kingman County.

  2. County Attorney

    The County Attorney is an elected official and is responsible for the prosecution of violations of Kansas State Law committed by adults and juveniles.

  3. County Clerk

    The Kingman County Clerk's office provides many different services for the residents of Kingman County such as hunting and fishing licenses, elections, tax forms and more.

  4. County Commission

    Learn about the function and role of the three-member County Commission.

  5. District Court

    Learn how to contact and access services of the District Court in Kingman County.

  6. Elections

    Access information about registering to vote, polling places and election results.

  7. Emergency Management

    The Kingman County Emergency Manager coordinates and advises local officials before, during, and following disaster.

  8. Health Department

    Stay informed on the latest health information and services provided by the the Kingman County Health Department.

  9. Human Resources

    Find out about employment opportunities with Kingman County and how to apply for a job.

  10. Noxious Weed

    The purpose of the Kingman County Noxious Weed Department is to control and eradicate noxious weeds county-wide.

  11. Planning / Zoning

    Get to know the different services provided by the Planning and Zoning Department of Kingman County, Kansas.

  12. Public Works

    Work done by Public Works includes the maintenance of bridge structures and roads throughout Kingman County.

  13. Register of Deeds

    This office is responsible for the recording and safekeeping of all transactions relating to real estate in Kingman County.

  14. Sheriff

    Get to know the Kingman County Sheriff's Department and find out how they strive to keep the community safe.

  15. Treasurer

    Explore the services and responsibilities of the Kingman County Treasurer.