About Kingman County

Most of Kingman County is prairie. The South Fork of the Ninnescah River winds its way across the northern part of the county and the Chikaskia River crosses the southern part.

Tradition has it that there was only one tree in the county when it was founded; early settlers planted windbreaks that are magnificent now. The county is in the second tier of counties north of the Oklahoma border. A line drawn through the center of Kansas from north to south would pass through the county.

The county encompasses 864 square miles and at its heart is the huge Byron Walker game preserve and public hunting area. Cheney Lake touches the northeastern corner of the county and the Kingman State Lake is near Calista in the center.

The county has a population of 7,863 (2012 estimate, U.S. Census), with 23 townships and 7 incorporated cities.
  1. Kingman Expo Center

    Explore the Kingman Expo Center and find out what this facility has to offer the community.

  2. Community Service

    The philosophy of the program is to make offenders accountable and, hopefully, encourage them to become responsible citizens by working for governmental or non-profit organizations in the community.

  3. County History

    Learn a little about the history of Kingman County.

  4. Economic Development

    Learn about the work of the Kingman County Economic Development Council.

  5. Kingman County & 4-H Fair

    Learn about this popular annual event.

  6. Kingman County Extension Office

    Extension agents are jointly employed in a partnership between K-State Research and Extension, headquartered on the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, Kansas, and the local Extension board.

  7. News

    Access news releases published by Kingman County.